Letter To Bankruptcy Client With Report “Cleaning up Credit Report”


This referral letter can be sent to bankruptcy clients to give them a special report.

 The attorney-customers of our digital marketing agency have found these letters and their attachments lift referral rates when sent to prospects, past clients, and referral sources. It is surprising how many attorneys fail to directly ask for referrals. Those who do ask nearly always find that the effort quickly pays off in new business. This collection provides multiple ways to ask. Use all of them and watch your referral flow increase. To personalize and finish the referral letter:

  1. Download the Word document and save to your computer.
  2. Open the file in Microsoft Word.
  3. There are areas highlighted that need to be filled in (Client Name, etc.). Replace the filler text with the client’s information.
  4. There are also choices of text to be made. Review the highlighted language and make the correct selection.
  5. Save the Word document.


Letter To Bankruptcy Client With Report “Cleaning up Credit Report”


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