We at James Publishing have been talking to attorneys about their digital marketing needs since 2009 (and their law book needs since 1981).  In hundreds of conversations we found many lawyers who were struggling to adopt the new marketing techniques.

Some attorneys had no overarching strategic plan, some jumped prematurely from idea to idea, and some were totally dependent upon third parties of questionable skill.

We started James Toolbox to help lawyers successfully adapt to the new world of inbound and online marketing.  We have two goals:

1. Teach you what is working in attorney marketing

Marketing is a game that requires continuous learning, experimentation, and emulation.  You must regularly add new techniques and channels to maintain and hopefully increase client flow.

To help you keep pace, our case studies detail what is working for other lawyers.  There is no need to experiment with untested techniques when we have so many examples of lawyers succeeding with a wide variety of new and affordable approaches.

2. Help you implement the best of the new techniques

We are building a large collection of content and tools to help you add proven inbound marketing techniques to your arsenal of client-generators.

The materials have been created, assembled, and organized.  We are now developing the additional James Toolbox pages that will house the collection.