Common Reasons For Erroneous Denials Of Disability Claims


This newsletter can be sent out to your Social Security disability clients and explains how avoid having a disability claim denied.


Many attorneys say that sending newsletters to their list of prospects, past clients, and referral sources is their single most effective marketing investment. These newsletters have quickly increased referral flow for our attorney-clients. Past clients and prospects need to be regularly reminded of your existence, expertise, and interest in obtaining new clients.  A newsletter accomplishes all 3 goals. To personalize the newsletter:

  1. Download PDF below this text and save to your computer
  2. Open PDF in Adobe Reader (free for download from Adobe,
  3. At the top and bottom of the PDF there are form boxes currently filled in with our filler text (Your Name, etc.). Click inside the form box and replace the filler text with your own information.
  4. Save the PDF.


Common Reasons For Erroneous Denials Of Disability Claims


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