Personalized SEO Advice: $50

How to improve your site’s results

In a 20-minute phone call, the manager of our agency’s search engine optimization team will dissect your website and your targeting strategy.

SEO Manager Shane

SEO Manager Shane

Whiz kid Shane and his team handle SEO for over 100 law firms and 1800 target phrases.  He knows what works in white-hat SEO for attorneys. Shane will point out weaknesses on your site and in your strategy, offer suggestions for change, and tell you what to improve first.  His analysis includes:

Keyword analysis
  • Keyword strategy
  • Title, content
Site structure
  • Linking of pages
  • Display of content
Backlink audit
  • Spammy or harmful links?

Shane hates selling, so you don’t have to worry about being pitched. He’ll ask for credit card info midway through the phone call.  If you are not receiving value, end the call there and pay nothing.  Or complete the call and pay $50.

Yes, let’s set up an SEO site evaluation

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